Newly hired teacher faces two month delay in pay

A Facebook friend posted this yesterday.

I just learned today that I should expect an 8-week pay gap with my new Hawaii DOE…teacher position. How am I supposed to live like this? This is why teachers go homeless here. I can’t meet my basic financial needs and care for Gusto with an 8-week pay gap! It is unacceptable for teachers who are already making below cost of living wages to not get paid until 8 weeks after their start date! I’m on my own, and this isn’t going to work.

I edited this slightly to remove the specific type of position and protect the teacher’s identity.

This inexcusable delay in paying new state employees has been an issue for decades, literally. I’m stunned that it hasn’t long since been resolved.

A reasonable delay for processing paperwork for a new employee, okay. Two months? Not reasonable! If this is how teacher recruitment is handled, no wonder we have a chronic shortage.

Isn’t this unconscionable?

Feline Friday: The well read cat

Well-read RomeoYes, it’s another Feline Friday. And this week Romeo’s in more than his fair share of the photos, like this one where he pretends to have read everything, at least those on the lower shelf.

But it’s been quiet in the cat world. And that’s good when you’ve got four geriatric cats.

So without more fussing, check out the week’s photos!

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Check these Legislative Reference Bureau resources

If you haven’t browsed the various resources available through the Legislative Reference Bureau recently, I think you’ll find a lot of interest.

Here are a few:

iClips, Headlines to your desktop.

A very handy daily compilation of the top local, national, and sometimes international news. This is one that should be bookmarked for regular visits.

LRB Library Reference Desk.

Lots of good links here to journals, organizations, etc. Definitely worth browsing for future reference.

Magazine Sites.

Quite a range, from the Congressional Quarterly and Monthly Labor Review to publications of the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Yale Law Journal, and plenty in between.

LRB on Twitter (@LRBlibrary).

Interesting tidbits find their way here. You might as well be among those who see them.

In any case, you’re paying for these resources, so might as well make good use of them!

Marlo’s back!

Mr. MarloMarlo has been “on vacation” from our morning expeditions while his person was traveling for several weeks. But they’re back, and seeing Marlo again is a real treat!

Well, seeing his person was also a treat, but…Marlo is just extra cute and he knows it!

As you can see, he is an expert beggar with a very expressive face and accompanying body language. And he’s persistent!

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